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Education is crucial for people to lift themselves from poverty

Education is crucial for people to lift themselves from poverty. In Tanzania, Africa, teacher scarcity makes this challenge even more daunting. Dow IT Architect and Sustainability Corps volunteer, Steve Popovich, takes us on his 2011 journey to Tanzania, where he worked with local Masai tribesmen, government officials, NGO's, and students to establish a sustainable IT infrastructure to extend computer-based teaching to places where teachers are scarce. Steve's experience shows how individual and collective commitment bring Dow knowledge, science, and technology to bear upon finding sustainable solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

Watch the Video Bellow for this fascinating Dow sustainability Corps Project in Tanzania:



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Date: 10/02/2012

By: Peter emmanuel

Subject: MTIZAMO

Haifai kabisa. (Rudi class tena kasome upya)


Date: 12/02/2012

By: JanB

Subject: Re: MTIZAMO

@Peter Emmanuel..Toa sababu, tena za msingi kwa nini haifai na jaribu kuongea kwa hoja. Asante:)


Topic: Is sustainability ideology possible in East Africa?

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