You can also call him Joseph George Marley, or simply Marley ,Is young & upcoming Swahili rapper, doing hip hop and some sorts of reggae. Meanwhile is a student at Mzumbe University taking a bachelor in Human Resources Management and currently living in Morogoro.

His music journey started way back from primary school, by that time he used to cram English songs and sing just to impress friends. Marley kept the hustle and advance it until he reached high school when started to perform during various school community ceremonies. After he  met Dirty Mode Records' super producer ''Triss'', his professionalism revealed, cuz he did some records but was poor produced!

 'Sina cha kupoteza' featuring Belle 9 is the first music release with Dirty mode records and the video is coming out soon.

''My focus is to make my music suit the international market rather than merely concentrating with local market. I implement this by selecting universal ideas in composition"  Listen his new song and enjoy good music : //JanB Multimedia